January 28, 2021 - BY Admin


A knock on the door woke me up. It is 4 am, I see looking at Grandfathers’ clock. Why I’m sleeping on the couch! Aye yes… I fell asleep there waiting for Nan, my grandmother. She is out with her card club and was supposed to wake me up when she came home. My long, blond, wavy hair is messed up, and I grab for my glasses. They are enchanted to hide the glow in my golden eyes. 

Being half-vampire gives me a sharp view but also, they glow in the dark, what isn’t completely handy in a human world. After I put the heavy black frame on my nose, I make my way to the door. 

Through the peephole I see the surprised face of the neighbor’s daughter, Sharleen. 

“Vicky,” she is calling, “Vicky, wake up.” 

I open the door. “Hi Sharleen, what can I do for you?”

“Did your grandmother come home?” she asks nervously. “My mother is still not home…”

For a moment, I adjust myself, and I glare at the cabinet next to the door. Nan’s keys and purse are not there. I turn around and let them in, Sharleen brought her husband, Tom, with her. I switch on the light and ask her to wait for a moment while I go check upstairs. 

When I walk up the stairs, a bad feeling starts to grow in my stomach, please let Nan be in her bed. 

When I open the bedroom door, I see that her bed is still made up. I glance over the top of my glasses and concentrate my view in the room. There are no warmth patterns, so she hasn’t been here for hours. I push my glasses back on my nose and go back downstairs. 

Sharleen and Tom are looking at me with an asking look. 

“She is not here, and I don’t think she has even been here after making her bed,” I hear myself say. 

They are now even looking more worried than before, when I notice them in the corner of my eyes. 

I keep moving towards the table, remembering that I put my phone on it when I walked in earlier from work. 

When I see my phone, I grab it and see that Nan did not call. I see that I did however got a text from my friend Axel, ‘Need to talk to you’. I ignore the text and start to dial the number of my work, the local police department. I’m a rookie detective, the youngest in the county, even state, according to some. 

“Vicky something has happened otherwise they would have called.” I turn around and see that Sharleen located herself on our couch. She looks worried. She is only two years older than me but every time she worries, she looks like an anxious teenager. 

“Tom went outside to call my brother,” she continued. “Why didn’t they call us!”

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